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7th-day-thermoglove“I’ve always hated winter because my hands get so cold they ache so when Nikken announced the new Kenko ThermoGloves, I ordered mine right away. I love how warm they keep my hands while leaving my fingertips free so I can wear them when I type, use my phone, embroider and so many other things around the house. Our weather has just gotten very cold so I’ve been wearing my Kenko ThermoGloves while I’m out running errands and shopping. I’ve been stopped by a number of people asking me where I got them.

While I was at a lunch meeting, a woman who suffers from arthritis in her hands asked me about the Kenko ThermoGloves and I let her try them. She was amazed at how quickly they gave her relief and she was able to use them during the meal to easily cut the food. She didn’t want to give the Kenko ThermoGloves back to me so I let her buy that pair since I had another pair at home.”

Kenko ThermoGloves offer COMPRESSION WITH COMFORT! Exclusively made with Nikken Far-Infrared Technology for soothing warmth, and copper threading for antibacterial properties, These exceptionally comfortable gloves provide mild compression to help decrease swelling while the open fingertips allow for ease in gripping and feeling.

Here are 12 benefits of wearing Kenko ThermoGloves:

  1. Relief of muscular discomfort in hands
  2. Compression that helps control or decrease swelling of the joints
  3. Far-Infrared Technology helps increase blood and oxygen flow through the hands
  4. Relief of joint discomfort in hands, wrists, fingers and knuckles
  5. Far-Infrared Technology provides a soothing warmth
  6. Copper threads for its antibacterial properties
  7. Cotton material allows skin to breathe and helps keep hands dry
  8. Extremely comfortable
  9. Skin feels noticeably softer after wear
  10. Open fingertip design allows for wearing during normal activities
  11. Compression with comfort
  12. Far-Infrared testing shows up to 88% reflection

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