Independent Nikken Consultant

9th-day-haircare2“I’m a breast cancer survivor and worry as much about what goes ON my body as what goes IN my body. In addition, I had chemotherapy over 10 years ago and still have very thin hair. I can’t wash my hair more than once each week or I lose even more hair.

A friend gave me some of the True Elements TriPhase Hair Care to try and I was very skeptical since nothing I’d tried before had helped. I love the way my scalp tingles each time I use the products and after four weeks, I called and asked her how to get more because I was now able to wash my hair 2 or 3 times each week and don’t lose my hair like before. I’m even more excited that my friends have been telling me how great my hair looks. True Elements TriPhase Hair Care is giving me back my beautiful hair!”

True Elements TriPhase Hair Care is unique—there is no other shampoo or conditioner in the marketplace with Nikken TriPhase Technology. Designed to work with your pH balance, True Elements TriPhase Hair Care helps promote a healthy, youthful appearance with a combination of natural ingredients and by omitting potentially harmful chemicals that are commonly found in commercial brands.

Here are 12 benefits of True Elements TriPhase Hair Care:

  1. Contains quality, natural ingredients
  2. No parabens and PEGS
  3. Stimulates hair growth
  4. Doesn’t damage the scalp’s protective barrier
  5. Magnetic particles provide a long lasting deep clean
  6. Far-Infrared Technology helps nourish and condition the scalp and hair
  7. Negative ions help create the ideal environment for a healthy scalp
  8. Cleans, moisturizes and conditions
  9. Treats the scalp
  10. Formulated for all hair types (dry, normal, oily, chemically-treated, color-enhanced)
  11. Doesn’t stip hair of its natural oils
  12. Promotes antibacterial and anti-free radical activities

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