Independent Nikken Consultant

a_CM_Cream_2011My son recently had surgery on his arm and I told a friend that he’d developed a rash under the cast so she offered me a sample of CM Complex Cream for him to try. She told me how people have had success using it on sore muscles, achy joints, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, insect bites and even Shingles so I asked her if it would give my husband relief from the Poison Ivy rash my husband had. She said she hadn’t heard any testimonials for that, but said it couldn’t hurt to try and gave me another sample for him.

My husband rolled his eyes when I gave him the sample, but tried it anyway. He was shocked at how quickly it stopped the burning and itching. When he got to work the next day, he mentioned the Poison Ivy to his boss and his boss told him he had to get Zanfel since it was designed to give relief so his boss drove him to the nearest pharmacy to get some. My husband took one look at the price of the Zanfel and told his boss the CM Complex Cream worked great on his Poison Ivy so he didn’t need to buy it, but his boss insisted he had to buy it so he did. He tried the Zanfel and then asked me to buy a tube of CM Complex Cream since it gave him such great relief and he wanted to keep it on hand.

In the meantime, my son tried it on his rash and I couldn’t believe you could barely see anything on his arm the next day.

I am so amazed at how the CM Complex Cream has no toxins and it gave my husband and son such fast relief.

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