Independent Nikken Consultant

a_CM_Cream_2011The heavier than normal rainfall has brought beautiful flowers and green grass, along with a lower than normal water bill. Unfortunately, the heavier rain is also accompanied by more fire ants than usual in our yard.

We always have neighborhood kids playing in our yard and last Tuesday (5 days ago) was no different. I was working in the flowerbeds and heard one of the kids yell that something had bitten him. I ran over and could tell right away that he had been bitten several times by fire ants and the bites were already red and inflamed.

I rushed him into the house so I could put some CM Complex Cream on the bites. I’d never tried it on fire ant bites, but I knew it works great on mosquito bites and poison ivy/oak so I figured it was worth trying. About an hour later, I checked on him and he said the bites didn’t itch and they looked pretty good. I was concerned about him so I sent the CM Complex Cream tube home with him so he could apply it as needed.

I called to check on him the next afternoon and his Mom was thankful for the cream as they applied it a few more times to stop the itch and there was very little inflammation around the bites. She stopped by later that evening to return the partial tube of CM Complex Cream and buy a new one so she could continue to apply it to the bites.

I bumped into her today while I was out walking my dog and she couldn’t thank me enough for helping her son. She said the bites were gone faster than normal and she would recommend CM Complex Cream to all her family and friends.

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