Independent Nikken Consultant

SkincareI have worked in the skincare/beauty industry for over 15 years, and was excited to see that Nikken released a new marine organic skincare line for men and women.  True Elements Marine Organic Skincare is a complete product line that will cleanse, enhance, protect and care for your skin from top to bottom.
When I was a cosmetic buyer, companies would send products to me to try in hopes I’d put their products on the shelf.  This gave me a really wide range of products experiences and I also saw how they performed in the marketplace.  Just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it is better.  I’ve tried a lot of products and am spoiled by a lot of products, but I also know now that what’s in a lot of these products is not good for us.

Our skin is our first defense against the harsh environment and more people are becoming aware of this fact and searching for healthy options as they learn that cosmetics are one of the least regulated products on the market today.  Nikken’s products perform and more importantly, are certified by Ecocert which means they are made up of over 95% organic materials in its finished product – and VERY FEW companies can qualify.  A lot of companies in the United States claim to be organic, but in order to make that claim, they ONLY have to have 5% of the product certified as organic, which is frightful.

True Elements Marine Organic Skincare is an ENTIRE product line that is certified as Ecocert!  There are no parabens, oleander, GMOs, mineral oils, phthalates, synthetic colorings, or synthetic fragrances.  Over 10,000 ingredients are in beauty products that are used every day by our families, but only 11% of those ingredients have EVER been tested for safety.  I find that to be a huge and scary number and I’m thrilled all of Nikken’s products are Ecocert certified.

I used these products one at a time and waited a few days so I could really evaluate each one individually.  All of these products are derived from sea elements so they are going to re-mineralize your skin, hydrate your skin, and really respect the pH balance of your skin to help keep you from having dry or oily skin.  Your skin is luminous, and the Youth Activ Serum and Youth Activ Eye Serum have Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally in your skin and is amazing at plumping the skin and collagen synthesis.  Hyaluronic Acid has a true anti-aging effect as opposed to a number of other products on the market that contain something that is causing a low-grade inflammation which causes the skin to swell.  These products cause a temporary solution and are not truly anti-aging products like Nikken’s serums.”

Here are 12 benefits people have reported from using True Elements Marine Organic Skincare:

  1. Ecocert certified as over 95% organic
  2. pH balanced skin – not dry or oily
  3. Hyaluronic Acid has true anti-aging properties
  4. Luminous skin
  5. Complete skincare line
  6. Designed for Men and Women
  7. Made from natural seaweed extracts
  8. Includes a shower gel that energizes your skin
  9. Complete line that cleanses, tones, and moisturizes
  10. Aloe vera in the Tonic Lotion helps to restore suppleness
  11. Love it more than expensive brands that are loaded with toxic ingredients
  12. No parabens, oleander, GMOs, mineral oils, phthalates, synthetic colorings, or synthetic fragrances

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