Independent Nikken Consultant

kenko-magflexAs I walked in to register for a workshop, another attendee asked if anyone had some Ibuprofen. I told her I didn’t have any, and asked what she needed it for because I might have something in my car that could help her.

She said she had kidney stones but didn’t take the painkillers that morning so she could make it through the workshop and had forgotten the Ibuprofen. I’d never heard any testimonials for something that would help kidney stones so I loaned her the Kenko MagFlex® and hoped it would give her some relief.

We took a break about an hour after the workshop started and she said, “When you handed this to me I thought there was no way it could work, but I’m shocked that I don’t feel any pain at all.” I was thrilled that the Kenko MagFlex® was working better than I’d hoped and given her complete relief from her pain caused by the Kidney Stones.

I’ve been using these products for 16 years and despite the numerous success stories I’ve heard, I’m still amazed when I hear new ways they help people.

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