Independent Nikken Consultant

I recently attended a conference and while everyone was up clapping and moving to the music, I noticed one woman who was sitting down and visibly in pain. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had severe back pain from arthritis. I had a Kenko MagFlex with me and offered to let her borrow it and she said she’d give anything a try.

We took a break about 30 minutes later and as I stepped into the hall, I heard several people talking and one of them pointed at me and said, “She’s the one that gave it to her.” Another lady said, “She’s not in pain anymore, what on earth did you give her? She said it was magnetic but how could that help?” We chatted a few minutes and I shared information about the MagFlex.

Since I spent so much time answering their questions, I wasn’t able to get back to the meeting room in time to chat with her about the results before the session started. They were playing music to get everyone back in the room and I noticed the lady with the back pain was clapping and moving to the music. During the next break, she ran to me and hugged me and told me she had to have one.

I was so thankful the MagFlex gave her the relief she so badly needed. – KL

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