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ciaga-v“After taking CiagaV I noticed that I’m wide awake in the morning and not wanting to roll over and go back to sleep. I had stamina during the day, and felt more alert. I thought it was just a “fluke”, so I didn’t take it for a few days. I could feel the difference and I knew it was the CiagaV, that made the difference – I’ve been on it ever since.

It made me feel so good I wondered what it would do for my two elderly dogs. Rusty is 16 and has the normal deterioration symptoms for being 16. He’s become a little slow mentally, and of course his hearing and eyesight are a thing of the past. Blaze is 13, but because her mom was a puppy mill dog, she has had physical problems most of her life. She has had Congestive Heart Failure, and recently has had some kind of neurological problem with seizure like behavior. Blaze has ALWAYS been a playful dog, but since her heart problems she has been lethargic, and her eyes didn’t have that “wanna play?” look in them.

I figured since CiagaV made me feel so much better, I would try it on the dogs. I gave each of them a dropper full. After 2 days I became very aware that they were acting like a couple of teenagers!! Rusty was jumping around trying to play with a toy, but Blaze had stolen it and run. Blaze is chasing her toy again, just like the old days and before CiagaV, she was out of breath walking across the room. It has been so hard watching them go downhill, and CiagaV has put life back in them. If I get just one more day with them because of CiagaV, I will be so grateful.” Bonna

CiagaV is the only juice blend that offers this carefully chosen, balanced broad spectrum of organic ingredients. They create synergy, where the health benefits are greatly increased.

The name represents the benefits that CiagaV provides:
C: Cardiovascular
I: Immune
A: Antioxidant
G: Gastrointestinal
A: Anti-aging
The V in CiagaV denotes its vital ingredients — that support your vitality. This is a core of superfruits that have been identified as nutritional powerhouses, in amounts that are adjusted to yield a precise ratio and blended in a formulation that results in an astonishing synergy. And it’s unbelievably delicious, to the very last sip.

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