Independent Nikken Consultant

I’m an avid runner, but my Asthma has always interfered with my ability to train for the half marathons I enjoy. I was talking with a friend of mine (Kristina) and told her I wanted every product Nikken sells but I can’t purchase them all at once so I asked her to tell me which products I should start with. She asked me what my biggest concern was and I told her I was tired of using my inhaler because I knew it was filling my body with toxins but I had to have it. Kristina put a PowerBand bracelet on my wrist and I asked her what it would do and was surprised when she said, “I’m not sure, but I do know it can’t hurt you.”
a_Powerband_BraceletsI was skeptical, and asked if I would know what it does by the time I see her next and she said I would definitely know. That was a Monday morning and I left the bracelet on until Tuesday evening when I put it on my daughter because she was having breathing issues. I woke up Wednesday morning and the first thing I did was reach for my inhaler and realized it was the FIRST time I needed it since Monday when I put the bracelet on my wrist. I was stunned that something as simple as a bracelet could have that much impact and am thrilled that my inhaler usage has been dramatically reduced.

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