Independent Nikken Consultant

Years ago while trying to introduce Nikken products to my cousin, she told me that her son, who is a person with developmental disabilities, would have at least 30 seizures every day. I had a KenkoSeat with me and she allowed him to lay on it on the carpeted floor while we discussed the products. Her son, who was already in high school, was curled up in the fetal position. After about 20 minutes of talking, my cousin got down on the floor and pulled his legs out straight. I thought nothing of it but she then said that this was THE FIRST TIME that she was able to pull his legs straight out EASILY; she said that it usually involves some struggle!

She was willing to borrow the KenkoSeat for five nights. I asked her if the school aide could document the number of seizures he had at school; she said no problem because they were already required to do so per his IEP. When I came to pick up the KenkoSeat, she told me that the seizures went down to one or two during the day and almost never at home! She quickly took out her credit card to purchase one!

Another girlfriend’s son had constant spasms; his body would shake almost continuously. We were at the bowling alley and he sat on the KenkoSeat while my friend and I talked. She was surprised because it was almost an hour before he had another spasm.

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