Independent Nikken Consultant

A friend of mine has Crohn’s Disease and one day I noticed she could barely use one of her hands. She said she’d been taking steroids and a number of other prescriptions for a week to no avail so I offered her a PowerBand bracelet to try.

When I saw her the next day she was amazed at how her hand and wrist no longer hurt but she thought it might be the prescriptions finally taking effect. I asked her to keep wearing the PowerBand bracelet just in case it was working. She offered to pay me for it but I told her I didn’t want her to buy it since she wasn’t convinced the PowerBand had given her relief and not the medications.

A week later, her hand and wrist still felt great so I asked her if she’d remove the PowerBand but keep it with her in case they started hurting again so she put it in her purse. I saw her 2 days later and she held up her hand and said, “I’m a believer – it’s definitely the bracelet!” She explained that her wrist started aching a few hours after she removed the PowerBand but she left it off and by the next morning she could barely move her hand again so she put it back on and had full mobility again by noon that day.

Needless to say, she stopped taking all the prescriptions and relies on the PowerBand and other Nikken magnetic products to relieve her pain from Crohn’s Disease and loves the fact that there are NO negative side effects from the Nikken products!

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