Independent Nikken Consultant

I was concerned because I’d been losing my hair for a while. The doctor thought it was tied to the extreme stress I’d been under and nothing I’d tried was helping.

I was excited when I received the True Elements® TriPhase Hair Care and saw that the shampoo and conditioner do not contain harsh and/or harmful ingredients. In addition, they only contain natural ingredients like Aloe Leaf Extract and as an added bonus, contain Nikken’s TriPhase technologies: magnetic particles, Far-Infrared Technology and negative ions.

I noticed my scalp felt better immediately after trying True Elements® TriPhase Hair Care, but it was a couple weeks before I noticed I stopped losing my hair. I’m usually lucky if I get to wash my hair every 3 days so I was thrilled I started getting results so quickly. When I went to get my hair cut after using the products around 6 weeks, she showed me all the little baby hair growing around the crown of my head.

I LOVE these products and am thrilled to share them with my friends!

True Elements® TriPhase Hair Care Features and Benefits:
• Magnetic particles provide mechanical stimulation and movement in the shampoo and conditioner to help provide a long lasting deep clean.
• Far-Infrared Technology absorbs energy and reflects it in the far-infrared spectrum for a gentle, natural and warm energy that helps nourish and condition the scalp and hair.
• Negative ions collide with oxygen and water to produce a negative electric charge that emits healthy bio-energy to help create the ideal environment for a healthy scalp.
• Formulated for all hair types (dry, normal, oily, chemically-treated, color-enhanced) to help maintain healthy scalp and hair.
• Contains quality, natural ingredients, such as Aloe Leaf Extract, Bentonite, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Copper Gluconate, Peppermint Oil and Germanium that work together to clean, moisturize, condition, help treat the scalp and stimulate hair growth, and help promote antibacterial, anti-free radical activities.
• Does not contain harsh and/or harmful ingredients, such as sulfates, parabens and PEGS, which can strip hair of its natural oils, damage the scalp’s protective barrier, promote the growth of microbes and irritate the skin.

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