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bergisterol-us“I am a 73 year old male who had a total cholesterol of 211, of which the LDL cholesterol was 144 out of the 211. This “bad” cholesterol, according to medical guidelines should be less than 99. The HDL “good” cholesterol was 52 and my triglycerides were 75, and the triglycerides should be in a range from 0-149.

I drank 2 ounces of Bergisterol for 30 days, and then one ounce for two weeks in each the second and third months before getting the tests run again. After takingBergisterol the results were: Total cholesterol went down 54 points to 157, LDL cholesterol went down points to 92, and the HDL went down 5 points to 47. My triglycerides increased 15 points to 90, and even though it was slightly higher than previously tested, it was still below the 149.” – Jerry

Cardiovascular health is a major challenge. The cardiovascular system sustains life by providing nutrients and oxygen to all tissues, and its proper function is essential for survival. This includes maintaining normal levels of blood cholesterol, a vital component of cell membranes. Triglycerides from fat tissue and blood glucose provide fuel for energy, and the cardiovascular system transports these. Blood pressure within a certain range allows for proper functioning ofthe system vessels, heart and other organs and this is also regulated by the heart and cardiovascular network.

Bergisterol is a juice extract made from a citrus fruit, the bergamot, which has a very high amount of natural plant sterols. Bergisterol is a blend of bergamot and other citrus, the blood orange and clementine, formulated to provide an optimum combination that is also low in calories and high in vitamin C.

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