Independent Nikken Consultant

kenko-mstrides“I’m a Physician’s Assistant and I’ve been in practice for over 10 years. I LOVE practicing medicine but what I love the most about it is educating people about health. Nikken offers opportunities for people to really become well, and that’s not something I can give them in medical practice. We put Band-Aids on top of symptoms and then those create more symptoms, so we put more Band-Aids on top of those. It’s distressing and sad!

We are a nation of McDonald’s Medicine people. We want what we want and we want it now – we want the benefit of it now and with Nikken you get it right now. It’s immediate, it’s wonderful and it’s an amazing experience.
My father-in-law has Parkinson’s Disease and was shuffling instead of picking up his feet. He was hanging his head down to the ground and not participating in or initiating conversations. We gave him the magnetic insoles and instantly, he was picking up his feet and three days later he was initiating conversations. It’s like it just shaved off five years which is beautiful for my mother-in law.

Nikken is cool! It’s McDonald’s Medicine in a very good way.”

Martha W


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