Independent Nikken Consultant

I’ve suffered with Psoriatic Arthritis for over 21 years and due to the stress and everyday grind of life, my body started breaking down. I was hurting so much.  It started in my feet, went to my ankles, hips, back and hands and I could barely function.  I retired and just got along and two years ago I had a hip replacement  Then my doctor told me a year ago that I wasn’t supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds.

powerband-bracelet_blackMy hands hurt so badly and a friend loaned me a PowerBand Bracelet and I was surprised that my hands quit hurting after only 5 minutes of wearing it. I thought that was crazy because I just KNEW it couldn’t really work so I took it off and we continued to talk but after a short while, my hands started aching so I put it back on and my hands stopped hurting again.

I highly recommend these products for anyone with any type of Arthritis and am thrilled that I was able to get my life back!

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