Independent Nikken Consultant

Fifteen years ago my knee specialist told me I’d be ready for a knee replacement within a year. Though I didn’t like the thought of it, I believed him because EVERY step I took hurt and I couldn’t sit comfortably for any length of time. I had no cartilage in my knee and had been bone-on-bone for over 10 years. Shortly after hearing the bad news from my doctor, my friend Terri introduced me to Nikken’s magnetic insoles and I was skeptical but I certainly had nothing to lose by exploring the option.

Two days after learning about Nikken, I had surgery on the other knee and then attended a Nikken meeting 3 days after that. I had a great deal of inflammation and limited mobility in my knee and could barely bend it. When I arrived at the meeting, Terri loaned me a pair of the magnetic insoles and I sat for about 45 minutes with my feet on the insoles and was surprised she didn’t have me remove my shoes. At the end of the meeting, I stood up, put my foot on the chair behind me and proceeded to bend my knee until I could almost rest my weight on it.

I was STUNNED! I had no idea how it worked but knew I had to have a pair and am thrilled that 15 years later I still have my knee and it feels great!

Kristina L

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