Independent Nikken Consultant

PowerMini“I’d had a toothache for about a week when I finally gave in and called the dentist but he didn’t have an opening for another 3 days.  My wife suggested I put a PowerMini behind my ear to get relief from the tooth pain.  I was thankful the PowerMini decreased the pain and I was able to stop taking over the counter medications that were hard on my stomach.

The dentist told me I’d need a crown and I had to wait another week for an opening to do that.  I kept the PowerMini behind my ear until 2 days after I got the crown and am thankful the PowerMini kept my discomfort down to a minimum throughout the process.” Rudy

On Toothache Day, we’re happy to provide an alternative to tooth discomfort with the Kenko PowerMini.  Order yours today

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