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In order to get into better shape and lose weight, I hired a personal trainer. I told him I wanted a low impact routine that I would stick to. I knew with my busy schedule and my track record of working out, if it were too difficult I would not do it. My goal was to lose about 3-4 pounds per month. He obviously did not hear any of my requests. I spent one hour with him doing an extreme lower body workout. I complained and told him that the exercise was killing my thighs. He told me that I could do it. I do not know why but I didn’t get off the machine.

The next morning I could not bend my legs. My thighs were swollen and hot. They hurt so badly that I was in tears. Over the next three days it continued to get worse. I finally went to my doctor when I realized that my kidney output had diminished. My doctor sent me to the hospital where they did lab work and confirmed my doctor’s fears–I had zero kidney function.

My thigh muscles had been destroyed by just one workout. The protein in the muscle leaked out into my system. The kidneys act as a filter for the body and eliminate spent protein, along with other toxins. My kidneys had become overwhelmed by the volume of protein that had been dumped into them as a result of the injury, and they shut down. They were basically clogged up like a drainpipe. When I arrived at the hospital my CPK (protein level) was 77,000. My doctor said it was the highest he had ever seen. A normal level is 0-50.

kenko-sleep-travel-comforterI started kidney dialysis and was very sick for eight days. I could not eat or drink anything without being nauseous. My gall bladder function became abnormal. The acid from my gall bladder and kidneys made me so nauseous that I lost 27 pounds in one week. My doctor ordered a feeding tube because my condition was getting worse. Before the tube was to be inserted, my husband brought my Kenko Travel Comforter to me that morning.

Some friends came to visit me that morning and brought me a biscuit and chocolate candy. I ate the biscuit and candy and

NIKKEN Waterfall

NIKKEN Waterfall

watched the clock to see how long I could keep them down. Four hours later I ordered more biscuits and a pitcher of PiMag Water. They next day my labs improved for the first time. My doctor, who wears mSteps, was very interested in my Kenko Travel Comforter and the PiMag Water. I skipped dialysis for the next three days as they watched my protein level drop by just drinking the water.

I went home four days after drinking the first pitcher of water. I still had dialysis tubes because they expected that I would have long-term outpatient dialysis. Two days later my kidneys were back to 25% of normal and the dialysis tubes were removed. Eight days after leaving the hospital I played a tennis match for the team that I captain. I had been told that I would be out for the year and that my muscles would take a very long time to heal.

Three weeks after leaving the hospital my kidney function was back to 100%. The doctors and nurses were amazed! They told me they had lost patients with my condition and many others never regained their kidney function.

I know that the Far-Infrared Kenko Travel Comforter saved me from a feeding tube and the PiMag Water kept me from any additional dialysis.

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