Independent Nikken Consultant

I was sitting in the conference room waiting for our Board Meeting to start when one of our PowerMiniBoard Members walked in and it was clear he was experiencing a lot of pain. I went over to greet him and while we were talking, he said he was having extreme Sciatica nerve pain and had even considered missing the Board meeting that day.

I told him I’d gotten relief for my back pain recently, but since it wasn’t Sciatica, I wasn’t sure if it would give him relief. He said he would try anything since he was desperate for relief.

DukTapeI gave him a PowerMini  magnet and a strip of DUK Tape that was about 6” long and told him I’d put the PowerMini on my back and then put the DUK Tape over it so he tried the same thing. We took a break about 1 ½ hours later and he told me he felt so much better and was able to sit comfortably during the meeting and couldn’t believe how much easier it was to walk around during the break.

He asked where he could get more of the PowerMini’s and DUK Tape so I gave him my friend’s website information and then let me know he had placed his order during our lunch break. I’m thankful Nikken gave me relief from my back pain so I was able to share my experience and help him.

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