Independent Nikken Consultant

Sleep Mask“I have been amazed at the quality of sleep I get by using my Kenko PowerSleep Mask.  I used to struggle to make it through the day because I was so tired and I’ve noticed I can focus better and have more energy.  Better sleep has also resulted in better health and I’m excited that I’ve started losing weight too.”

“My job has required me to travel for several years and I’ve tried a number of travel pillows but none give me the support and rejuvenation that I get from theKenko Naturest Travel Pillow.  I’ve also had challenges with hotel pillows that don’t give the right support, so I use my travel pillow for a great night’s sleep.”

Most people think that tiredness is just an inconvenience – some professionals even take pride in how little sleep they need to get by. However, sleep is really an inherent part of our health, only instead of immediate consequences measured in days and weeks, the severest consequences tend to occur longer-term, and therefore, we often fail to connect them with sleep.

Nikken sleep products provide as near to the feeling of sleeping in nature as we can achieve in the comfort of our bedrooms.  These products offer unique features designed to help you experience the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep.

Here are 12 benefits people have reported from using their Magnetic Sleep Products:

  1. More restful sleep
  2. Better support while they sleep
  3. Increased energy
  4. Improved memory
  5. Better focus
  6. Improved concentration
  7. Better mood
  8. Increased productivity
  9. Less stress
  10. Less sugar cravings
  11. Feel better
  12. Weight loss

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