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Nikken Product Testimonials

Twelfth Day of Wellness: Kenko PowerMini

“My shoulder hurt so badly that I was unable to work out for several days despite a number of things I’d tried for relief. A friend of mine told me she thought a Kenko PowerMini would help and I looked at her like she was crazy. I’d tried so many things that I figured...

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Eleventh Day of Wellness: KenkoTherm DUK Tape

“I was excited three months after my Mastectomy when my doctor gave me permission to do core exercises. I started with simple crunches and was amazed at how badly it hurt – it was like I could feel where every stitch went into the muscles. After suffering for several...

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Tenth Day of Wellness: Kenzen Ten4

“I was in a training meeting recently for several days and they can get very long.  It can be hard to stay awake and take it all in, but I used the Nikken product Kenzen Ten4 Healthy Energy Drink.  Keeping my concentration and staying awake was no problem at all! I...

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Ninth Day of Wellness: True Elements TriPhase Hair Care

“I’m a breast cancer survivor and worry as much about what goes ON my body as what goes IN my body. In addition, I had chemotherapy over 10 years ago and still have very thin hair. I can’t wash my hair more than once each week or I lose even more hair. A friend gave...

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Eighth Day of Wellness: PiMag Sport Bottle

“I wanted the same delicious, highly filtered alkaline water that I get at home with my PiMag Waterfall so I purchased a PiMag Sport Bottle. I love the fact that I can fill it with tap or bottled water wherever I am and have the confidence that my water will be free...

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Seventh Day of Wellness: Kenko ThermoGloves

“I’ve always hated winter because my hands get so cold they ache so when Nikken announced the new Kenko ThermoGloves, I ordered mine right away. I love how warm they keep my hands while leaving my fingertips free so I can wear them when I type, use my phone, embroider...

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