Independent Nikken Consultant

“EmmyLou is 8 years old and has always been a mellow dog, so when pancreatitis first started getting her down, we didn’t think much of it. She just wanted to sleep a lot (not unusual), and was impatient with her newly-adopted brother, (a crazy-high-energy Yorkie puppy). It wasn’t until she began crying in pain and having diarrhea that we knew she was ill.

After EmmyLou finished her medication to treat the acute attack, I consulted with Kristina to discuss long-term care and prevention of future attacks. At her recommendation, I purchased the PiMag® Waterfall® to help her return to a more alkaline state, and a Kenko™ PowerChip™ to her collar. The very next day she was more active than she’d ever been, and has maintained that active state for the past six months. She still loves her naps, but she plays with her brother several times a day now, and is happy to let us know when the mail is delivered every day. She even chases the bunnies that get into our yard!

Thanks for helping my sweet girl feel so good!”

– Liz Marx


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